Degree in Engineering Multimedia Communication

The University Center of the Coast of the University of Guadalajara is the only university center that offers this Degree in the entire University Network of Jalisco and it is even the only university at national level that has this degree within its academic offer.

The Multimedia Communication Engineer is the professional capable of manipulating technologies, devices and applications that involve audio, video, images, text and animation tools for the creation of efficient, functional and aesthetic products, projects and services. It attends to the needs of companies, people and dependencies through the creation, design, innovation, research and formulation of new multimedia applications in areas such as Photography, Communication, Video, Advertising, Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, Electronic Business, Animation, entertainment, videogames and Education.

The background of this program of study is that of a Bachelor of Communication, but you know that the media have changed with the Digital Revolution, and now it is necessary to have an expert in communication with the knowledge of current technologies.

Mtro. Eduardo Robles Marcocchio
Puesto: Coordinador
Ubicación: Edificio Toma de Decisiones
Teléfono: (322) 226 2200 Ext. 66315
Correo electrónico: eduardo.robles@cuc.udg.mx