Presentation of the Multimedia Engineering Degree


What is multimedia communication?

Some time ago, when people talked about communication, it was believed that there was only oral, written, gestural communication, etc. These forms of communication are known as classical forms. Currently, in addition of these, there is talk of graphic communication and many other types, among which multimedia communication stands out, because it is one of the most modern and modern forms.

In multimedia communication, it is about communicating something, but using videos, photographs, digital animations (such as movies such as Toy Story, or A Bug’s Life), computer programs, natural sounds and digitally processed sounds, music, television and Internet pages (like the same one you are reviewing now) among many others.

It's about communicating something ... but, what is that something? Well, you can take publicity campaigns to sell something or advertise a service and these campaigns can be done on the Internet, on television or radio, with the best techniques modern Or you can also use multimedia communication as an educational medium, that is, use these techniques to apply them in courses for students like you. You can also use multimedia for entertainment in this field could do multimedia art or make games and other attractions with many striking elements.

Multimedia Communication is a space that will allow you to express yourself in a thousand ways to communicate an idea in very modern and current ways.

The engineer in Multimedia communication is the communication professional of the new millennium. On the one hand, he has the solid formation of a degree in communication sciences and on the other hand, he is trained in multimedia technologies and programming on the Internet to apply his knowledge to the new communication modalities that this era demands. This professional has knowledge, skills and technical skills in the field of communication sciences, computer science, video, photography and digital sound, multimedia computing and telecommunications.