Our mission is to train quality professionals in the academic, technological, social and cultural fields. With the ability to manage, detect and solve visual communication problems, required by the global, regional and national markets.

For us, design is a discipline that is nourished by several theories in order to solve the type of problems it deals with. For which in our institution we have several considerations for its definition.

First, the problems that the design solves are social, so they are linked to theories related to psychology, and communication.

Second, the solutions provided by our discipline have to do with questions of language, so that relations with semiotics are relevant.

And in the third place, for us it is very important to consider that the problems that the design resolves are indeterminate, for that reason, our approach is the rhetoric as the main axis from where the design thinking is developed. For our educational program, design is seen more as an intellectual process, than as the mere elaboration of a product.