Student´s Profile

The applicant should preferably meet:

  • Analysis capacity.
  • Reading comprehension skills.
  • Oral skills to expose situations.
  • Ability to relate abstract thinking to specific situations, in order to guarantee legal interpretation and practice.
  • Capacity to work individually as well as in a team.
  • Critical and self-critical ability.
  • Disposition to listen and understand personal and social problems
  • Interest to be informed of its social environment.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Bachelor of Laws will have a solid academic background, which will allow him/her to develop ethically and professionally in the legal field. According to the orientation studied, the graduate will be able to: investigate in the legal field, legally certify, legislate, litigate, provide legal advice, procure and administer justice, as well as promote competent legal apprenticeships for:

  • Conduct legal research in order to propose solutions to the problems of contemporary society, at the national and international context.
  • Carry out functions of management, consultation and legal advice in the different areas that demand their professional work.
  •  Know the procedures to carry out the public certification.
  • Interrelate the social reality with the legal norm, in order to propose initiatives for modification and creation of laws.
  • Apply the rule to specific cases in all types of legal processes.
  • Procure and administer justice from the field of public service.
  • Transmit and generate legal knowledge and interest in it.