Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:


The candidate to study the degree of surgeon and midwife should preferably have:

a.- Interests: Humanities, scientists, academics, authentic service vocation and concern for the welfare of the population;

b.- Affinity for the biological, chemical, physical and mathematical areas ;

c.- Attitudes: initiative, proactive, assertive, emotional stability, sensitivity to understand human behavior, discipline, self-management and permanent overcoming;

d.- Respect for ethical and moral values;

e.- Interest in research


Graduate profile:

  • Integrates knowledge about the structure and function of human beings and their environment in health / disease situations in their biological, psychological, historical, social and cultural aspects.
  • Applies the principles, theories, methods and strategies of medical care in their professional practice of comprehensive and interdisciplinary development of the main causes of human morbidity and mortality using the clinical, epidemiological and social method, acting with respect to cultural, environmental and of gender, effectively and efficiently in the management of resources and collaborative and interdisciplinary work; in the context of epidemiological transition and local, national and international health policies.
  • Applies the basic knowledge for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and rehabilitation of prevalent diseases according to the local, national and international epidemiological profile.
  • Develops, intervenes and applies the principles, methods and strategies in primary health care from a multi, inter and transdisciplinary perspective with a comprehensive vision of the human being in their environment.
  • Establishes an effective physician-patient relationship with a biopsychosocial approach during his professional practice, to improve the quality of care.
  • Integrates knowledge and skills for the use of biotechnology available with critical and ethical judgment into its medical practice.
  • Applies its critical judgment for the attention or referral of patients to other levels of care or health professionals acting with ethics and in compliance with current regulations.
  • Bases epistemically, theoretically and technically his professional practice in his daily life, with pertinence and ethics based on qualitative and quantitative scientific methodologies.
  • Exercises oral and written communication skills in his own language and in English with a critical, reflective and respectful of cultural diversity in professional and social contexts.
  • Understands and applies information and communication technologies in a critical and reflective sense in a self-managed manner in professional and social contexts.
  • Understand knowledge based on evidence and current scientific literature; analyze, summarize and elaborate scientific documents.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles with a humanistic, critical and reflexive attitude in professional practice.
  • Develops a professional, social and university identity based on the different contexts and economic-political and social scenarios, with a proactive, entrepreneurial, integrative and collaborative stance.
  • Committed to the ethical and normative principles applicable to professional practice with adherence to human rights and to the principles of comprehensive security in patient care, respecting cultural diversity and alternative and complementary medicine.
  • Participates in strategies to prevent and attend to the population in case of emergencies and disasters, privileging collaborative work based on knowledge of the threats due to environmental deterioration and technological development.