Degree in Tourism

The Degree In Tourism program in the University Center of the Coast, was born responding to the real needs of the demand, through a theoretical and practical curricular structure linked to the tourist companies, such as: lodging establishments, establishments of food and beverages, travel agencies, airlines and the commercialization of the tourist product in its broadest sense from the business perspective; as well as planning the development of tourism. Currently, the degree in tourism manages two modalities: Extended Semesters and Credit System.

The Bachelor of Tourism is the professional capable of explaining the way in which different social systems operate, to analyze the components of the tourism system, its evolutionary development, as well as its problems in the socio-cultural and political sphere, in order to propose alternative solutions or development and promotion policies for the sector.

Programa Educativo Reacreditado por CONAET: Consejo Nacional para la Calidad de la Educación Turística A. C.
Vigencia al 25 de octubre de 2022


Mtro. Luis Antonio Anaya Rodríguez
Puesto: Coordinador
Ubicación: Edificio Toma de Decisiones
Teléfono: (322) 226 2200 Ext. 66271
Correo electrónico: turismo@cuc.udg.mx
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