Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:


The applicant to pursue a degree in graphic design should preferably have:

· Interests. For the phenomena of human communication, both individual and massive, for knowing and developing skills and techniques of diverse nature, adequate management of information for communication, technical and cultural purposes.

· Skills: Sensitivity, sense of organization and command, artistic and literary creativity, systematic, commercial and humanistic.

· Attitudes Integration into the environment, awareness and respect for cultural heritage.


Graduate profile:

The design professional for graphic communication will have the ability to: handle the methodological process of design and graphic expression of messages in theory and in practice. Master the theoretical, scientific, technological and philosophical foundations of the disciplines that allow you to create the graphic messages that society demands. Apply the technique with creativity in the search for solutions to solve design problems. Knowing, managing and mastering the specialties of graphic design as a corporate image, design of posters, packaging and packaging, design of typographic design campaigns.