Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:

Interest in the use of technology, devices, multimedia tools and mathematics.

Taste for the edition of audio, video and digital images, graphic design, advertising, animation, video games and web programming.

Expression of ideas using relevant presentation skills, whether visual, oral, written or interactive, based on different formats and means of communication.

Adaptation with ease to emerging technologies such as mobile devices and applications 2.0 and use them efficiently in daily activities.

Have basic knowledge of English and computer language.


Graduate profile:

Use specialized software for the production, programming, editing and sounding of audio, video and animation projects.

Apply knowledge in marketing, advertising and multimedia production management.

Use and apply the sciences of communication, mathematics, graphic design and multimedia application programming using audio, video, images, animation and text.

Design creative proposals and find innovative solutions in different fields and areas where the use of equipment is required and multimedia applications.