General Objectives:

To train knowledgeable professionals who are responsible for the optimal use of available financial information and its appropriate interpretation, in their capacity to offer financial advice within the ethical limits of the law. Skills will include the capability for flexible decision-making based on knowledge of the economic environment and the graduate will demonstrate values such as honesty and respect and an innovative and enterprising spirit with a reflective stance towards self-improvement, leading to opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Specific Objectives

1. To develop professionals capable of identifying, analyzing, interpreting and applying the different laws that affect economic entities, as well as evaluating and making accounting, financial, fiscal, cost and audit decisions.

2. To train professionals with an entrepreneurial and innovative attitude to meet the needs of their users.

3. To train professionals with skills and attitudes to solve problems in different types of economic enterprises.

4. To develop honest and effective professional behavior, with a high sense of responsibility and a spirit of persistence together with a deep respect for the practice of professional ethics.

5. To develop attitudes and skills of leadership for the directing and managing of financial resources in an organization.

6. To develop professional skills in accounting, tax, finance, costs and auditing.