Student´s Profile

Admission profile:

The applicant for a degree in Psychology must be responsible, respectful, tolerant and empathetic with others. Must have thinking skills such as attention, memory, analysis and synthesis; as well as reading skills, ability to communicate and relate to others. Must have humanistic, scientific and service interests, must be able to reflect on their own thoughts, feelings, motivations and behaviors.


Graduation profile:

The graduate of the Degree in Psychology will know the most current theories that explain the origin and development of human behavior. Will use psychological techniques to prevent and identify problems, establish diagnoses and propose and implement solutions to them. Will have a proactive attitude to everything written about psychology, will be disciplined before work, supportive and committed to society and people who request their services. It will differentiate scientific knowledge from common sense, mythical or mystical to explain reality. He will have a global vision of where he will apply what he has learned and of the historical moment where he develops as a professional, with an appreciation of inter and intradisciplinary work.