To train professionals at the undergraduate level so that they develop a job as teachers in physical education, high-level coaches, administrators and sports management, as well as individuals with medical knowledge that positively affect the institutions and / or sports organizations; that they know the social reality and the environment, and that with their skill in applying the most modern technologies in the area of sports, and allowing recreational sport and physical activity as a means to improve the quality of life, promoting conditions to obtain success in the professional field.


Specific objectives

*Train professionals at the Bachelor's level, capable of carrying out the preparation and application of training basic sports, talent development and high performance.

*Train professionals who develop and develop sports initiation programs.

* To train professionals at the Bachelor's level with management and administration capacity in human resources, materials and economic, of facilities, organisms, institutions and clubs or companies dedicated to the sport.

* To train professionals at the Bachelor's level with the ability and knowledge to apply physical activation programs, as part of health promotion, as well as evaluation and performance programs in individuals who practice the activity physical-sports.