Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:

The applicant to pursue a degree in tourism should preferably have:

· Interests. For knowledge that allows you to understand the functioning of markets, for the study of problems socio-economic and cultural activities, for the learning of languages, literature and the arts.

· Aptitudes. Of verbal and graphic reasoning, accuracy and speed of response, language proficiency, attention and observation, Retention and memory, orientation, adaptability and sociability.

· Attitude. Spirit of service before society, be positive, open to change, participatory and critical.


Graduate profile:

This professional will have general knowledge about the different branches of tourism, as well as administration, quantitative and qualitative aspects, control and make accounting and financial decisions, research, marketing, investments and economics; domain of communication, including foreign languages, and the use and exploitation of computers. It will have the ability to efficiently apply the necessary policies to optimize the use of human, technical, financial and material resources of the companies in the branch, as well as to evaluate the functionality thereof and guide innovations in administrative processes. May design and operate marketing and information campaigns that are aimed at increasing tourist flows to destinations or companies in the industry, applying elements of communication, promotion and publicity; taking advantage of the latest technology in this field. Will be able to analyze the components of the tourism system, its evolutionary development, as well as its problems in the sociocultural, political, economic and natural, in order to propose alternative solutions or development and promotion policies for the sector.