Professional Field

The main function of the graphic designer of CUCosta is to visually communicate a message from a service, product, company or institution, by transforming said message through signs and visual codes that are well perceived and accepted by the user to whom it is intended. said message.

The designer for graphic communication can work for companies, institutions of the field, or those with a department that is responsible for the management of institutional identity, such as large hotels, restaurants, tourism companies, as one of the main activities of the region.

He also has the ability to undertake on his own through independent work or creating his own company to meet the needs of PyMES *. Its main objective will be the solution of communication problems derived from commercial, social, institutional or even political situations. In these problems he specializes mainly in the administration of social networks, marketing strategies, institutional identity, developments and editorial solutions. Also the graduate of this degree will have the ability to specialize in research in design, as well as in teaching.

* SME: is the acronym for small and medium enterprises. It is the commercial, industrial or other company that has a reduced number of workers and that records moderate income