Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:


The applicant to pursue a career in Computer Engineering should preferably have:

Interests: academics for the physical-mathematical sciences, administrative and systematic techniques, for working with machines and tools.

Aptitudes: to operate verbal concepts, with reasoning ability of knowledge, in addition to graphic reasoning, accuracy and promptness of response, capacity for the synthetic construction of language, as well as facility to communicate ideas and concepts.

Attitudes: observation, analysis and creative imagination.


Graduate profile:


The graduate of Computer Engineering will have developed the following knowledge, skills and attitudes:

Will know principles and related theories in the area of Computational Sciences to implement solutions in a wide variety of problems.

Will develop software of parallel systems, concurrent, distributed with a high degree of technical difficulty.

Apply mathematical formalisms and software engineering methodologies in the implementation of self-adaptable, flexible, scalable and high performance systems.

Carry out formal investigations in the area of computer science.

Analyze the requirements and characteristics for the construction and integration of current computer systems.

Will select and integrate computer network technologies following design, installation and configuration protocols according to official standards to achieve optimal use of the resources of organizations.

Will be able to adapt to change with social and ethical responsibility, working as a team with creativity and leadership.