Professional Field

The graduate can develop in the public and private sector or start his own business in the fields related to software development. Likewise, he will carry out research in computer science.

In the first decade of the 21st century, the new outsourcing service sector emerges, to adapt to the current needs of IT services and business processes for companies of different niches and sizes.


The Productive Chain of the Electronic Industry of Jalisco is made up of:

12 Original Equipment Production Companies (OEMs)

15 Manufacturing Companies by Contract (CEMs)

380 Specialized Suppliers Companies

65,000 employees


Main products:



Consumer electronics

Automotive Electronics


Equipment for Information Technology

Industrial Area


Jalisco Capital of Information Technology and Communication

The ICT industry integrates services and multidisciplinary products to offer complete solutions that involve the participation of various companies, combining skills and knowledge. According to the Information Technology Cluster Competitiveness Study conducted by the Ministry of Economy, the Jalisco IT cluster is a national leader in terms of competitiveness. Some examples of Jalisco's strengths in this sector are:

Design of semiconductors

Software development

Embedded software

Software testing

Business Applications and Integrated IT Services

Development of internet applications

Web and multimedia applications

Software for outsourcing and offshore


The sector is composed of:

16 Service Centers of "Information Technology Outsourcing" (ITO) and of "Business Process Outsourcing" (BPO).

More than 150 Software Companies

35 Design Houses


Within the versatility of the different companies dedicated to this technology industry in Jalisco, sectors such as: government, education, food, pharmaceutical, health, agriculture, construction, financial, textile and footwear are attended. Specifications by sub-sectors:

Software development.

4,500 highly qualified programmers to develop from retail products to customized solutions.

IT services.

6,500 professionals from BPO & ITO, who carry out back office, middle office, front office, and infrastructure, management and IT consulting services.


650 professionals in the development of digital animations, special effects and videogame projects, which are part of the services offered by the industry

Embedded Software.

Advanced embedded software projects for all types of devices: cell phones, automotive, air spaces and medical equipment.