The general objectives of the academic program are:


To train undergraduates in nursing with a solid formation to develop strategies of prevention, promotion, integral care, recovery and maintenance of the health condition of the population groups and people of reproductive age.

To act with a spirit of collaboration, solidarity, respect, honesty and a transforming and integral vision of the individual.

To respond to the social needs of the country and the national health policies.

To be capable of managing and generating scientific knowledge, with reference to the national health framework and the globalization scenario.


The specific objectives of the academic program of the Nursing Degree are:


1.  To train nursing professionals that contribute to the health care of the person and population groups, so that they reach their maximum biopsychosocial potential, attending to real or potential problems of disharmony with the environment;

2. To train professionals that contribute to the development of the scientific and technological fields that support health care, in accordance with national policies, the development of sciences and the advances of the professional field that demand labor markets of Jalisco, the country and the region;

3. To train nursing professionals with an entrepreneurial, competitive, responsible and honest attitude, in the various management processes of the national health system, with interventions that favor their functioning and the solution of problems of the same;

4. To train nursing professionals capable of managing educational processes for the self-care of the health of individuals or population groups in any context, based on the transformative perspective of the reality in which their professional actions are inserted.