Professional Field

There is no social activity that can be subtracted from the legal order and the presence of law. Therefore, the field of work of the professional of this discipline is practically unlimited, since the action of the legal professional is universal, since in all areas of human activity it is required, to some extent, to interpret, apply or generate norms and legal attitudes.

At present, the lawyer or the lawyer in law acts as such in the forensic practice as a postulant, judge, magistrate or agent of the public prosecutor, in the federal or state, in activities of representation, advice, and defense; acts in an outstanding manner in activities related to the interpretation and application of legal norms in various courts, in the administration and operation of the them.

Likewise, the lawyer can develop his professional activity both in the administration and delivery of justice and in the defense of human rights. On the other hand, current and future circumstances indicate the need to create new courts in federal and local matters, agrarian courts and human rights commissions, which results in more space for the practice of law. The globalization of the national economy and its connection in the international fields requires a preparation of the graduate that allows him to compete in the international market.

The lawyer can also work independently, on his own or associated with professionals of his same activity or of other professions; as a manager, advisor or worker of public or private companies and, with an increasing participation, in the administrative function and in the activities of the State, especially in the activities entrusted to the executive bodies.