The University of Guadalajara is a decentralized public body of the Government of the State of Jalisco with its own autonomy, legal personality and assets, whose purpose is to provide higher secondary and further education and contribute to the development of culture in the region. Its overall aim is to train technicians and educate professionals in order to meet the demands in socioeconomic development required by the state of Jalisco.


Policies of the University of Guadalajara:

1.- To function as a collaborative and subsidiary network for the development of substantive functions, which promotes the integration and interaction between higher secondary education and terciary education.

2.- To promote the balanced development of the entities of the Network to meet the educational demand in the regions of the State in its different modalities of education.

3.- To promote a culture of innovation and quality in all university activities.

4.- To promote internationalization in the different functions of the institution.

5.- To promote social commitment and links with the environment in the exercise of its functions.

6.- To promote the financial sustainability of the institutions by optimizing the use of resources.

7.- To promote equity, sustainable development and ecological awareness.


Strategic Directions for Development

-Teaching and Learning

-Research and Graduate Study

-Links with industry

-Extension and Dissemination


-Management and Government


The University Center of the Coast is part of the University Network of the State of Jalisco. With its international perspective, it is dedicated to training professionals to be critical and analytical and with the knowledge-generating capacity that will contribute to the development and growth of the economic and social environment of the region. This is achieved through teaching with innovative and high quality educational programs which embody technological development and the extension of this knowledge, in line with the substantive functions of the University of Guadalajara.

The educational models of the University of Guadalajara are derived from the principles that mandate the constitutional third article of the Organic Law; deriving from such the policies that are established in the PDI 2030, for each strategic direction for development. Specifically, in terms of pedagogy it is understood that this is accomplished through a student-centred learning approach and pedagogical practices supported by Information Technology.


Degree in Public Accounting

The degree in Public Accounting appeared for the first time in 1982; today Accounting plays an important role in society due to the constant socioeconomic changes and the phenomenon of globalization. Indeed, the area of Accounting has evolved significantly giving rise to new accounting strategies as demanded by the changing needs of users. Since Accounting should be based on professional and ethical values, the weight of new theories, practices and transdisciplinarity requires a professional performance consistent with an ethical code. For this reason, market studies of the needs of the productive sector were carried out, with the purpose of reviewing and modifying the Study Plan, resulting in Opinion I / 2012/308, which was launched in the 2013 A calendar.

The degree in Public Accounting is an independent course of study but it also forms part of other degree courses. The most important skills and abilities required by the Bachelor in Public Accounting include a global strategic vision, use of Information Technologies, appropriate decision-making, teamwork, leadership, analytical skills, speed and problem solving abilities. The values ​​required by the public accountant are ethics, integrity, honesty and social commitment.