Student´s Profile

Applicant profile:

The requirements that an applicant must meet to enter a scientific career in the biological area, have been divided into two sections that are:

  • Skills (capacities and abilities). Which are the natural dispositions that the person owns or acquires, and they are described as follows: to know how to take advantage of the available resources, knowledge to direct, capacity to administer, to realize work in equipment, for the critical analysis; capacity for synthesis and abstraction; mathematical logical thinking; ability in reading comprehension, writing, composition, and creativity; ability to speak in public as well as manual skills.
  • Academic background (knowledge in basic sciences). The knowledge that the students have acquired during their preparation in high school and that will be the base and support for the acquisition of the knowledge of new skills in their training as a professional. In particular, a solid basic training is required in the areas of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computing.


Graduate Profile:

The graduate is qualified to apply the scientific method for the identification of biological problems, evaluate them and propose viable solutions. Likewise, a critical awareness of the natural and social reality in the local, regional, national and global spheres is promoted in the professional.

The biologist who is trained is a professional who must be characterized by his dynamism, tenacity and critical conscience, committed to nature and society, concerned to raise the quality of life of human groups in a harmonious relationship with nature, through various lines of action and from the biological field that competes.