Degree in Computer Engineering

Advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) imply a remarkable capacity of these to digitally model more phenomena and daily activities of society, whether trivial or sophisticated activities, for example: online procedures, communications between individuals, the Collaboration in common projects without barriers such as distance or time, the phenomenon of mobility and the implications for developing distributed, parallel and fault-tolerant applications, among others. So the challenge of a computing student has been, is, and will be, finding the computable representation of all kinds of phenomena manifested in reality.

As a student you must achieve during the first semesters, a good degree of autonomy in your learning, so that at the end of your studies and throughout your professional life you have the ability to learn in a self-managed way. This autonomy in learning can be acquired in the seminars to solve problems linked to some of the courses of this program, in which you will solve exercises or problems, analyze case studies or develop projects under the supervision of a teacher who also provides feedback to the work you do for yourself.

The curricular design is organized into three modules: Architecture and Systems Programming, Intelligent Systems and Distributed Systems. You will carry out three projects, developed throughout each module with the purpose of promoting the application of knowledge, with the advice of a professor, a researcher from another institution, or a professional from the public or private sector. The projects will be presented with a prototype that works, a documentation that explains it and must be defended before a group of professors.

It is a commitment of the University of Guadalajara and the University Center of the Coast in the Degree of Computer Engineering to provide an education of excellence, under the modality of competencies, which also contribute to the administration under the provision, the aptitude and the process of continuous improvement.

The educational program of Computer Engineering in the University Center of the Coast is offered in the evening shift, from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, leaving Fridays for extracurricular activities, consulting or tutorials that the student requires or wants to perform.

Mtro. Alejandro Cuevas Cortez
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Correo electrónico: computacion@cuc.udg.mx