Professional Field

The graduate of this career will be competent to:


Know, understand and apply the basic knowledge related to the prevention of health in practicing populations of sport and physical activity in general.

Exercise as a highly qualified teacher in the area of physical education, at school levels and in groups of society with special features.

Perform basic training functions in the sports of physical education programs, as well as sports activities of exhibition, both in its organization and its dissemination.

Organize recreational activities and use of free time in addition to carrying out camping programs and environmental resources.

Carry out functions in the administration of human, material and economic resources, in the planning of sports programs in sports institutions and organizations with tendencies towards mass and social sport.

To value the importance of physical education and sports, for the integral development of the individual, influencing the popular masses, in such a way that they develop a true social work.

Orient in physical therapies, in subjects that are part of rehabilitation programs, as well as evaluate the physical performance of the individual in physical activity programs.

Develop research programs and projects in problems related to professional practice in the sciences of the human movement and in the technological development linked to sport and physical activity in general.