General objectives:

· To help strengthen the production of visual arts in the region.

·To integrate learning environments conducive to the development of multidisciplinary projects.

· To encourage university students to participate in the creative process by incorporating new paradigms of plastic communication.

· To develop personal skills for the professional development of the plastic arts.


Specific objectives:

· To train creative and innovative plastic artists who possess the skills for high quality professional practice.

· To strengthen the skills of creation, analysis, leadership and motivation to achieve particular artistic projects.

· To transmit a broad humanistic sense by fostering socio-cultural development for each individual.

· To promote the production of artistic and cultural work, in both individual and collective modalities, alongside a disposition and capacity towards multidisciplinary production.

· To offer training using traditional and contemporary techniques, and tools for quality professional practice.

· To prepare ethical professionals who are capable of becoming founders of the cultural imagination of their society.

· To promote skills that facilitate the creation, reflective management and critical reporting on social reality.

· To train professionals who capture reality, transforming it into significant artistic-cultural products that envision it.