Certification (obtaining the degree)

The requirements for obtaining the Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree, in addition to those established in the current university regulations, will be the following:


Students will have:

1.- Successfully completed all 394 credits, as established in the present curriculum.

2.- Complied with a period of social service, assigned in accordance with current university regulations.

3.- Completed the required professional practice by delivering a project proposal to a company, organization or institution. The project proposal should provide a solution to a problem that has been identified in the organization and should contribute to research and links with different sectors.

4.- Complied satisfactorily with any of the options of modalities for graduating, established in university regulations.


Each University Center may include other requirements in its graduation regulations, according to the needs of the particular Center.


The requirements to begin the Social Service that by Law must be provided by the students of the Bachelor of Science and Culinary Arts, are those established by the current university regulations.