Degree in Civil Engineering

It was born as a solution to the problem of having professionals prepared in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of works for housing development, urban and hydraulic infrastructure as well as terrestrial communication routes, according to the socio-cultural reality that is presented in this region, where on the one hand there is a strong growth of the tourism industry and on the other hand, the need to have the urban infrastructure to solve the immigration phenomenon. The civil engineer is a trained professional with theoretical, technological, mathematical knowledge and mainly has a strong learning in the physical-mathematical bases to do the structural calculations that allow him to make large buildings, in addition he must have skills and abilities in the use of laboratory equipment to perform the practices that allow you to make the best choice of construction material as well as the most appropriate design to streamline the functionality of homes or buildings, must maintain a critical attitude of respect and respect for the environment, which It will allow adequate management of the soil.


Mtro. Sergio Pedroza Ruciles
Puesto: Coordinador
Ubicación: Edificio Toma de Decisiones
Teléfono: (322) 226 2200 Ext. 66285
Correo electrónico: sergio.pedroza@cuc.udg.mx